Top Best Books On Stock Market Investing.

It is very important to understand share market, how do price moves and the most important thing is to understand about the company in which you are investing. It is a myth that you need a finance degree to become successful in investing.

But remember that learning about investing in stock market, you have to read regularly and it will surely help you for a long term.

When I started reading about investment, I had no clue where to look for important information and how to begin my journey as an investor, but after reading some of the great books I got more confidence and found it easy.

The first book which I read was Rich Dad Poor Dad written by Robert Kiyosaki in the year 2013. It was a start of the beautiful journey and there was no looking back after that.

List of Top Best Books on Stock Market Investing that everyone should read and learn.

1) Rich Dad Poor Dad



Sequence For ReadingFirst

WriterRobert Kiyosaki

For beginner’s it should be the first book which you should read and I bet you, you will read it without getting bored. It is the best book to understand about asset and liability in the most laymen language.

The author tells about his personal experience and what he learned from his two father’s whom he describes as the Rich dad and Poor dad.

2) One Up Wall Street



Sequence For ReadingSecond

WriterPeter Lynch

One Up Wall Street is the second book in the list. Written by Peter Lynch, the famous Fund Manager at Fidelity Investments. Between 1977 and 1990, during his tenure, he was able to make a whopping average annual return of 29.2%.

“Everyone has the brainpower to follow the stock market. If you made it through fifth-grade math, you can do it.” – Peter Lynch

Regarded as one of the best investment books, it explains many things in the most simple way. He tells to invest money only in the business which we understand. He explains the price movement, important ratios and his discovery of ten-baggers, twenty-baggers, and even fifty-baggers in the most systematic way.

A greatest motivational and inspiring book for a new-comer in the stock market. I highly recommend this book to the beginner’s as well as to the people who have some experience in the stock market.

3) The Warren Buffet Way



Sequence For ReadingThird

WriterRobert G. Hagstrom

My third book in the list is The Warren Buffet Way return by Robert G. Hagstrom. I have kept it at number 3 because it tells in detail about the value investing method followed by the great Warren Buffet.

It gives you brief steps used by Warren Buffet-like analysis of a company, economic moat, financial analysis and valuation in a simple language.

4) The Intelligent Investor



Sequence For Reading: Fourth

AuthorBenjamin Graham

This is the best and must-read book for all the investor. This book should be at number one position, but if a person is a newbie in the stock market, my suggestion will be to follow the sequence as mentioned above.

This book is written by Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing and the teacher of Warren Buffet. Since its first publication in 1949, the book is well received all over the world and is considered as the bible of value investing.

Benjamin Graham explains the psychology and the mindset of an investor in the stock market. His explanation of margin of safety and intrinsic value of a stock is considered as one of the greatest discovery in the field of finance. I highly recommend this book for all.

5) Common Stocks And Uncommon Profits.



Sequence For ReadingFifth

AuthorPhilip A. Fisher

Another gem of a book written by Philip Fisher which deals with the importance of the qualitative aspect of a business. He paid attention not only on qualitative but also on the quantitative aspect of a business. He believed in long-term investment.

One of the greatest investors of all time, Philip Fisher was well known for growth investing and scuttlebutt i.e. doing detailed research about the company before investing.

Fisher is well-known for holding stock of Motorola Company which he bought in 1955 and never sold until his death in 2004. Highly recommended book for all to understand his method in detail.

“I am 15% Fisher and 85% Benjamin Graham”-Warren Buffet.

6) Charlie Munger – The Complete Investor


Sequence For ReadingSixth

AuthorTren Griffin

Charlie Munger is an American Investor and a Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. Warren Buffet is the Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and he considers Charlie as his partner and a mentor.

Well-known for his teaching on the latticework of mental models. He’s teaching is helpful in both investment and life. Must read to know more about the great man.

Make sure you have a habit of reading the books as the Stock Market Investment cannot be learned in a single day. It is an art which he learned with continuous practice. If you have liked my post on best investment books of all time, feel free to subscribe and receive awesome new updates.

Happy Investing!!!!

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