How To Shortlist Companies For Thorough Analysis.

There are around 5,500 Listed Companies in Bombay Stock Exchange and 1,500 in National Stock Exchange. It becomes difficult to analyze each and every company.

With the help of newspaper, magazines and some great websites we can shortlist companies for further analysis before putting our hard earned money in the company. I personally use It is one of the best websites which I have come across and its free to use.

Let us try to use it in a step by step approach:

1.Register yourself with the website and it’s absolutely free. Click here for registration – will see such an image and enter your details and simply register.

Shortlist Companies


2.Once you have logged into your account you will see such details on your screen. Let me explain it in short.

Shortlist Companies

i) Edit watchlist (Red Arrow): Under edit watchlist, you can select any company and information related to that company such as the quarterly report, the corporate announcement will be directly received in your email box.

ii) Popular Screens (Yellow Arrow): Under this section, you can see the list of different screens set according to important ratios as per the user with the help of query builder.

3. What is query Builder??Scroll down the page and you will see query builder, where you will add ratios as per your requirement. Ratio shown in the picture is according to my need. You can change as per your wish.


Shortlist Companies

4. Press Run this query button and the website will shortlist companies as per the ratios selected by you. In my case, it has shortlisted only 39 companies. That’s great, as it becomes easier to go through only 39 out of 7000 Companies. Do not forget to save your screen as it will save your time.


5. Now I have selected one of the companies out of the list of 39. I have selected 1st Company KSE Ltd. See in the picture, where the overview of the company is given.

Company View


Here, the best use of screener comes into place, where you can export the data of the companies financials in excel format. Plus you can add financial ratios using manage quick ratio.

6. When you scroll down, you will see a graph of price movement of the company and the pros and cons of the company.


7. It also shows peer comparison. It lists company who deal with same business.


8. All financial data of Quarterly, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement of past 10 years. These data are very important while analyzing a company.




9. Screener also provides information about any Recent News about the Company, link to past Annual Report of the Company and ratings given by Credit Rating Companies.

I hope this post has helped you. Go to the website and try to understand different uses of the parameters mentioned.

We will cover up financial ratios in upcoming posts followed by getting in detail with the analysis of a company. Feel free to subscribe to receive free updates.

Happy Investing!!!!!

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  • There are slight variations in the financial data taking from moneycontrol, yahoo finance, morningstar,,etc. Which is the most reliable source for data?

    • Hey Sivaprasad,
      I hope my articles are helping you. Yes you are right there is slight variation in data. I would suggest as it is very close with the data provided in annual report. Hope your doubt is clear

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