5 Best Books On Mutual Fund Investing.

If you want to invest money in the Stock Market and don’t have time in doing any research, then Mutual Fund Investing is for you. Selection of Mutual Fund becomes very important and we should acquire some basic knowledge about it.

In Mutual Fund Investing, we give our money to a company who hires a  manager to look after our money and he invests money along with other peoples money in the Stock Market as per his knowledge and experience.

It is similar to when we hire a driver to drive our car and we seat peacefully in the car and place all our confidence on the driver.

There are many Mutual Funds Companies in India, but it is our duty to check out which Mutual funds are the best in the business giving better returns than other. For that, we need to read about mutual funds investing.

5 best books on mutual fund investing:

1. Bogle on Mutual Funds: New Perspectives for the Intelligent Investor

Written By Jack C. Bogle it is one of the classics in Mutual Fund Investing.It is an excellent book for a beginner in the field of mutual fund investing.

Each chapter is explained in detail with easy to understand approach. In this book, he explains the importance of index fund and why it is the best way to earn passive income in a great way which will help investors.

2. Common Sense on Mutual Funds

This is one of the best books on mutual funds investment. Again written by the great Jack C. Bogle.

The book describes how to invest in mutual funds in a straightforward way. Jack C. Bogle puts all experience in both his books and is a treat to read to all investors beginners or experience.

3.   Indian Mutual Funds Handbook: A Guide for Industry Professionals and Intelligent Investor

Number 3 on my list, is a book called Indian Mutual Funds Handbook written by Sundar Sankaran. Very good book for Indian Investors interested in Mutual Fund.

The book explains everything from benefits of investing in mutual funds, NAV and cost of investing related to mutual funds. From an Indian perspective, its one of the best books.

4.  Mutual Funds: The Money Multiplier

Mutual Funds The Money Multiplier is written by Lalitha Thamaraipandy. Along with Indian Mutual Funds Handbook, it is a great book for Indian investors.

It also covers everything in detail right from what to do when you invest, systematic investment plan, various types of mutual funds, expenses associated with mutual funds.

5. Guide To Indian Mutual Fund

Guide To Mutual Fund written by Ankit Gala and Jitendra Gala is last on my list. One of the books which can be read by beginners and it is a Very basic book in nature.

This book is good to enhance your knowledge and knowledge provided in other four books are way better than this one.

These were some of top 5 books on mutual fund investing. I hope you have liked the post, please feel free to subscribe to my website to receive more updates.

Happy Investing!!!!

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